Our traditional hospitality ensures the utmost relaxation.

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Yamagataya in Gero Onsen is a relaxing hot spring inn that has been going since the Edo period.
Yamagataya welcomes guests with the healing powers of Gero's well-known hot spring, and the local specialties of Hida.

A hot spring inn with 180 years of history
The allure of Yamagataya

Yamagataya features a brand of hospitality nurtured over the course of many years, and offers the perfect space for relaxation.
Yamagataya welcomes guests with the healing powers of Gero's well-known hot spring, and the local specialties of Hida.
Get your fill of the Hida kaiseki cuisine we pour our passion into, and bathe basking in the glorious views we like to boast of as you restore both body and mind.

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Only about 90 minutes by train from Nagoya,
Gero Onsen is super convenient!

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Yamagataya is located in Gero Onsen,
one of the three great hot springs in Japan.
A characteristic Japanese atmosphere accompanies some wonderful sightseeing opportunities.

Gero Onsen has a long history dating back to the Edo period as a therapeutic spa resort. Along with Gero's very Japanese hot spring town, traditional sightseeing spots such as the "Gassho no Sato" village dotted with authentically thatched houses make for fun, culturally immersive, visits.

Right in front of our ryokan Sample the various hot spring waters of Gero 10 Mins by car Gassho-no-Sato 1.5 Hrs by car Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall

Take in the beautiful scenery while revitalizing body and mind

There is a spacious, relaxing large indoor bath, a roofed open-air bath, and you can reserve a private bath outside with a view of the cherry trees. What's more, the open-air baths in individual guest rooms each offer their own unique charms.

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Indulge in carefully selected
seasonal ingredients.

Among its many highlights, Yamagataya is proud of its richly colored, beautiful cuisine employing ingredients from the rich, fertile lands of Gero in South Hida, combined with handpicked ingredients from other regions. We cook with real passion, picturing our guests' satisfaction at the end of their meal.

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Guest room

Boutique rooms
Japanese-style rooms with the murmur of a babbling brook, Japanese/Western-style rooms with fine views, and deluxe rooms with an extra touch of elegance. We hope that all our guests find their ideal room.

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Free WIFI in the room and lobby area.(Room / Softbank only)

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